Bicycle Safety

The My First Bicycle Foundation believes that all youth should enjoy the benefits of having their own bicycle and the freedom a bicycle can provide. Although cycling is great exercise and a way for children to learn responsibility, parents and caregivers should also stress safety, including mandatory use of properly fitted and secured helmets.

Please discuss with your children and consider the following before riding a bicycle:

  • Wear a bike helmet every time you ride, even if you're going for a short ride.
    o   Wearing bright clothing and/or use reflective stripes on clothing and bicycles to make rider more visible to motorists
    o   Keeping away from busy streets, parking lots and avoid riding at night
    o   Know and obey traffic rules when cycling on the road
    o   Bike with a buddy - if children or youth are cycling any distance without parental supervision, bike with a buddy, agree in advance on a return time and stick to a route that’s familiar, illuminated and avoids secluded areas
  • Checking the recommended pressure of the tires (as shown on the sidewall of the tire). Tire pressure is listed in pounds-per-square-inch, or psi. 
  • Inflating tires to the recommended pressure, do not inflate to the maximum amount. Tires should be firm.
  • Ensuring tires do not have cuts or holes and have enough tread before using.
  • Configuration and functionality of the front and rear brakes and levers - ensuring the brakes have pads and should only touch the tire when braking. Brakes should hold firmly without slipping or squealing.
  • Checking that there are reflectors on the front and rear of the bicycle.
  • Checking the seat is at a height that is appropriate for the rider.
  • Ensuring the stem (component that hold handlebar in place) is sturdy.   
  • Checking that the bell is working properly.

If you are looking for instructions on the assembly of your new bicycles, please click on the link below.