Our Program

My First Bicycle Foundation is a Canadian charity that provides bicycles to youth in economically challenged households across Canada. The package includes a bicycle, helmet, bell, and lock. Our charity wants to help every child in Canada enjoy the benefits of having their own bicycle and the freedom a bicycle can offer. The foundation provides free shipping to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. For applicants in other provinces, we charge a flat fee of $50 per bike to subsidize the shipping costs.

2023 Donor Impact

Your support has substantial immediate and long-term impacts on the lives of young people. Here’s how your donations have helped financially underprivileged children in Canada

Donor Impact

Eligibility Requirements

  • Child must be between the ages of 8 and 16

    The bicycles we provide are best fit for children between these ages and that these ages are crucial for engaging children in their own active modes of transportation.

  • Child must be from a low-income household

    The Government of Canada has created an income threshold measurement called Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) which is used by charities to target people who may qualify for specific charitable work. We have created a simple one-pager (2021) to help you determine if you are eligible.

  • Applications should be completed by the child's parent or guardian

    OR individual must have permission from the parent or guardian, along with all necessary documentation needed to apply (teachers and mentors are welcome).

  • Maximum of 2 children per family

    Our program aims to provide the opportunity for as many families as possible to receive a bicycle.

  • How It Works

    • 1

      Submit an application

      Ensure that the applicant meets all of the eligibility requirements. Submit an application through our website. Applications for 2024 are now open.

    • 2

      Application is reviewed & approved

      Our team receives and reviews your application. If eligibility requirements are met and all information shared, we accept your application and email you your approval status.

    • 3

      Bicycle available for local pick up or package ships to you

      With the address provided in your application, we deliver your new bicycle free of charge to Western provinces such as Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. For other provinces, a $50 per bike fee is applied to help subsidize shipping costs. We accept credit card and e-Transfer payments. If the application is from Calgary, you can pick up your child's bicycle, built and ready for use.

    • 4

      Open package

      You will find a bike lock, a helmet, a partly assembled bicycle (the handlebars and pedals are not assembled yet), assembly tools, and instructions.

    • 5

      Assemble bicycle

      Assemble your new bicycle with the tools and instructions provided.

    • 6

      Ready to ride!

      Now you're ready to ride. Be safe, obey all traffic laws, and have fun!

    Have Questions?

    Check out our FAQ for more information.

    Supported By

    • Digital Commerce Bank is a Canadian leader in digital payment solutions for corporate online banking, empowering financial institutions and FinTech entrepreneurs to effortlessly scale their business.

    • Cannonball Sport & Education Foundations identifies and provides gifts to qualified donees which focus on providing access to financially disadvantaged people in the areas of education, music and sport participation.

    • Atlantis Financial Corp. (“Atlantis”) is a private business in Calgary focused on investments in the financial services sector. Atlantis has generously agreed to provide a five year funding commitment to My First Bicycle.

    • Gigadat is a team comprised of Canadian payment experts who understand e-merchant needs and requirements, as well as their industry specifics to create a reliable, convenient and secure payments ecosystem, designed to support consumers, e-merchants and financial institutions!

    • Digital Commerce Payments is a technology-enabled payment services business. Founded in 2021, and commencing business in 2022, DCPayments provides API-driven payment processing to Canadian businesses. 

    • Pateno is primarily a payment solutions provider, working closely with corporate clients in niche markets, to meet their needs. Our business model is driven by developing close, collaborative relationships with our clients and responding quickly to changing needs. 

    • Westbrick Energy is a private energy company focused on the exploration and development of oil and liquids-rich natural gas within the Greater Pembina area of the world-class Western Canada Deep Basin.  The Company has built a production base of approximately 50,000 boe/d generated from investing $290 MM of equity raised since inception.